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Shredco has a variety of receptacles and service plans available. For each and every customer, we strive to find the most efficient and convenient plan to fit their specific needs. While volume requirements are the main factor in choosing the right plan, there are usually several options for each volume level.

For example, some of our customers like individual receptacles at each desk or window. This allows employees in positions which generate high volumes of paper to save time otherwise spent walking to and from receptacles while keeping documents secure.

For other types of businesses, larger bins in a storage room are more practical due to space concerns. Still others choose their receptacles based on design (some look more like pieces of office furniture than trash cans and have room on top for office equipment).

Whatever your specific needs, SHREDCO will create a plan suited just for you. Below is a chart showing some of our most common plans. If you don’t find one that looks right for you – No Problem – We’ll make one!


Big Boy

w12.5 x d17 x h27 (in.)


Slim Boy

w25 x d27 x h40 (in.)



w23 x d15.5 x h35.5 (in.)

ShredCo Monthly Plans

Monthly Cost: $50 per box per month. No Contract & Box Provided.

*Discounts are available for additional bins and plans with more than 1 pickup per month. Less frequent pickups available.

Cost Calculator

The price is $120 for 1-15 boxs. Additional boxes are $5/box.

Our “Drop” Locations offer a convenient and inexpensive way for you to safely dispose of your confidential documents. We have teamed up with several area mailbox stores to offer another service for our residential customers.

Simply take your documents to any of these participating locations. They will weigh your documents and lock them in one of our secure bins until their next On-Site shredding pickup.

Drop-Off Service is only $1.00 per pound.

To find your nearest Drop-Off Location, choose an Area of town from the list on the left, or click on the “Check Map” link below.

*Drop off locations are independently owned and operated and not a part of ShredCo or Assured Document Destruction*